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Tips and Ideas:

1. Research the company prior to the interview. Understanding what they do, what their goals are, who their competitors are and industry trends will better allow you to understand how you may be able to contribute to their success.

2. Dress appropriately and have three clean copies of your resume, a notebook, and a pen.

3. Arrive 15 minutes before the interview. You can always wait in the parking lot until 5 minutes before the interview. Have the correct spelling of the interviewer's name, title and extension.

4. Have a conversation with the interviewer. Build a rapport by listening and providing relevant information. Remember that the interview is as much for you to decide if you want the job as it is for the employer.

5. Pay attention to the questions being asked. Make sure you fully understand the meaning of the question being asked before answering. If you don't, ask for clarification and/or the context before answering.

6. Be prepared to discuss your skills and experience and how they relate to the position. Thinking about the following questions ahead of time will help:

- 'My biggest career challenge so far was.....and this is how I overcame it.'
- 'The reason that I am considering leaving my current role is.....'
- 'The reason I believe I will be a good fit for this position is .....'
- 'I was able to help my last company by.....and thus saving......

7. Prepare questions and take notes. It's okay to have questions prepared ahead of time. If they are not addressed during the interview, ask them at the end.

8. Be positive. This is not the time to tell your future employer how terrible your old company is.

9. Ask 'What is the next step?'. If you are interested in the position, let the interviewer know and ask them "What is the next step?".

10. Send a thank you. An email is fine and should reiterate your interest in the position as well as the skills you will bring to the table.